Web Development and Designing

IAS Solutions provides you with a comprehensive web solutions package which is inclusive of website designing, building, overhauling, maintenance, digital marketing and social media management.

In terms of web building, our team of experts analyse your requirements and present you with options on how to achieve each requirement; thereby giving you control over the process to ensure the end product is as you envisioned it. We build and establish the site online using optimisation techniques  and continue to maintain and upgrade both front and back ends, so that your website is live and updated, hence, increasing its integrity and viewership.Our team helps you maintain the site, update content, mediaand customise sub-domains to accommodate new components you might require to be displayed, and manage the site’s internet traffic.So in all, what we offer you is a complete web solution that covers all your online needs –infrastructure, technology and marketing-wise.

At IAS, each and every website that we develop goes through number of checkpoints. That is why our websites are rich with professionalism and creativity.

Our Business Analysts will look at your organization’s business model and will design the site in line with your corporate strategy. We will do a competitor analysis, and come up with a unique concept. Furthermore, we would help you with online positioning and branding as well after conducting a strategy session with your marketing team. We are following an iterative method where we follow the following steps

1. Strategy Session
2. Development of the prototype 
3. Clients comments 
4. Changes to the Design
5. Development 

This is how a corporative image will be created in the web space for your organization by IAS Solutions.

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